Lifestyle & Space Organization helps you to minimize, organize, and sustain things in your life to achieve more awareness and mindfulness of your day to day habits, thoughts and beliefs so you'll live more intentionally in all areas of your life.

What is Lifestyle & Space Organization?

Lifestyle & Space Organization is a process that: Minimizes life clutter by looking at what’s getting in the way of living out their intentions. Organizes what’s left after letting go of items, beliefs and habits that created clutter. Sustains it through coaching people on habit, core belief and lifestyle changes.

The Results:

You live with more awareness and mindfulness of your day to day habits, thoughts and beliefs. You live more intentionally in all areas of your life. You gain clarity and focus towards your passions and wellbeing. You gain a deep understanding of yourself and the habits and beliefs that created the clutter in your life. You feel empowered that you have ability to change, grow and evolve. You become more present and intentional with people which creates deeper connections. And of course, you are calmer because the space around you are organized, you use time effectively, and your lifestyles match your values.

What does the process look like?

Getting organized - and staying organized - is not easy to do alone. Tonia Cordi believes in targeting the root of the problem, instead of wasting time with organizing trends and storage solutions.

She begins by mapping out your intentions and values with you -- Why do you want to be organized? What are you values and intentions? How do they show up in your lifestyle? What are you feeling overwhelmed by?

These intentions become the foundation of the process and give you a reference point to help you be accountable. Tonia believes that gaining awareness to your barriers and beliefs helps you make lasting changes. The end result is an organized space, effective time management, and an ongoing practice of mindfully living your values.

How is Tonia Cordi different?

1. Value and Intention Oriented

Tonia focuses on your overall values, intentions and passions, and then organizes what’s needed to achieve these goals. The end result goes beyond having an organized space -- her mission is to help you create an organized life that makes it easier to live out your intentions and values. A life of living with intention where your values are reflected in your everyday actions, habits and beliefs.

2. Process of Transformation

The process of getting organized and living with intention involves a practical layer of your physical space, but more importantly, it involves an internal awareness of your habits, core beliefs, thoughts and relationships to your belongings. Tonia takes you through a process to help you shift these day-to-day habits and actions that create clutter so you can mindfully live your goals and help you live with intentions . Many clients have held beliefs that they are inherently disorganized and through this process Tonia has seen those personal narratives change.

3. Holistic Approach

Depending on your needs, Tonia can organize physical spaces, electronic files and coach you on time management and overall mindful living. She understands that many factors affect a person’s ability to stay organized and focused. She helps you gain clarity on the areas of your life that need addressing and then integrate organization and being intentional into your life.

4. Community + Environmental Sustainability

Tonia truly believes in living sustainably in all areas of your life and being a conscious consumer. Through the process of minimizing and organizing, she provides support and external resources to donate and reuse as much as possible. Getting organized also means having a positive impact on the environment, which is why Tonia continues to coach you after the organizing process to help you live sustainably in all areas of your life.

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